IBEX Images
The following pictures are representative of our company and of the projects we are conducting with our partners.

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Alpine ibex
IBEX Project Services takes its name from the alpine ibex, a wild goat, which lives at high altitudes in the Alps and other mountainous regions of central Europe. Once almost hunted to extinction, it is now protected in reserves. A swift and nimble climber, the alpine ibex leaps with ease from crags to rocky ledges.

BELAIR Biotech
BELAIR Biotech has developed new cultivation techniques where the growth kinetics and the metabolic behaviour of the bacterial communities can be controlled. These are then used to purify liquid waste. IBEX Project Services is working with BELAIR Biotech to commercialize these research results in the form of small industrial waste water treatment systems.

Production Equipment for Burkina Faso
L'Association des Femmes pour la Planète (AFP), which is committed to promoting natural products, was founded by Mrs. Ndieme Ndao the CEO of Dieme Cosmétique. The AFP has donated equipment to women's groups who produce 100% natural shea butter in West Africa for commercial use. The AFP has a revenue-sharing arrangement with the women that gives them a percentage of each product sold. IBEX Project Services supports the AFP by raising funds and opening up international markets.

Mr. Harold Mitchell is the founder of ReGenesis, an active community-based organization with 1,400 members. Under his leadership, ReGenesis has established a broad and dynamic public-private partnership to foster identification, inventory, assessment, cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated sites. The Regenesis project has won national recognition and is the model for other brownfield sites in the USA.

Napac Biopots
IBEX Project Services has been working with the Swiss Company Napac BioTech as it looks to expand into the US market. Napac’s biodegradable material can be used to produce a range of products, typically manufactured from resin-based plastics. IBEX has secured national, State and local government support for this project, including tax and cash incentives. This $15-20 million dollar project recently received the nod of South Carolina for the issuance of an Industrial Bond.

Thermo Motors
Thermo Motors engines can be used as Smart Vaporizers for liquid gas fuels such as liquid methane or liquid hydrogen. They can be integrated into hybrid internal combustion engines, or used at gas stations and liquid gas receiving terminals. IBEX Project Services is developing partnerships between Thermo Motors and cryogenic equipment suppliers such as Cryomec.